The new KAP is designed by Ars Arma.

The design is based on a hexagon (honeycomb), which provides the following advantages: Through ventilation in 4 directions, thus air movement is not limited to a single vector ensuring more efficient removal of moisture and heat.

The large surface contact area of the KAP is combined with an optimally matched material density ensuring maximum wearer comfort.

The KAP HEXS is made of EVA which is a modern technological fabric with a very wide sphere of use thanks to its outstanding characteristics: wide operational temperature range, high absorbing moisture capacity, flexibility, shock-absorbance and resistance to pressure, durability, hygienic and hypoallergenic, low weight.

Briefly about the shoot-off:
The video of the KAP fabric tests within the ballistic complex (plate, soft pack, KAP) confirmed meeting the standards required; the deformation of the stand was in the range allowed by the requirements with a significant margin for ballistic complexes in Br4-Br5(5A-6A) protection classes. The article on the HEXS KAP will provide you with more details. Also, take a look at the firing infographic attached to this news item.

• Features:
• Fabric: EVA
• Dimensions: 250x330mm
• Weight Weight 250g (per 2 pieces)
• Thickness 10mm
• Versatile size
• Efficient evaporation and heat dissipation
• Increased wearer comfort
• The KAP fabric layer ensures sweat removal

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Made in Russia. Field tested. The US made original fabrics and hardware. Lifetime warranty.

The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes to the design of the product and parts that do not impair product quality, without prior notice.