A-22 Baloo 75 Bag



It is a 75-litre bag from the Baloo series. A rectangular shape gives more volume, better stability, optimal storage and transportation of the bag. A double-zipper flap helps with easy storage and access to the contents of the bag. The bag can be carried on the shoulder, in the hand and with external assistance using main and side handles. High-quality materials and fittings will give you confidence in the reliability of Baloo bags, it will not let you down and will serve for many years. You can place attachable patches on the velcro that will help make your bag stand out and you'll find it quicker among the others.

• Weight: 1.2kg
• Volume: 75 litres
• Cordura 1000D
• One compartment
• Two parallel zippers for easy access
• Several carrying methods
• Velcro fastener for patches
• Dimensions 72cm x 33cm x 33cm

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Made in Russia. Field tested. The US made original fabrics and hardware. Lifetime warranty.

The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes to the design of the product and parts that do not impair product quality, without prior notice.