Боковые чехлы бронеэлементов для бронежилета AVS Mod. 1 6x9"

The pouches are designed to fit ballistic pouches on the corset of the AVS Mod.1 vest measuring 6" x 9" or 15.4" x 23 cm. The KAP pads can also be fitted. The module is only compatible with the AVS system corset and allows the quick assembly and removal of pouches.

• Weight: 95g
• Material: 500D Cordura
• Dimensions: Wx15.3xH23xL2.5cm
• Quick mount
• PDA Velcro fastener
• Compatible with the AVS and AVS Mod.1

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Made in Russia. Field tested. The US made original fabrics and hardware. Lifetime warranty.

The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes to the design of the product and parts that do not impair product quality, without prior notice.